Meet the Magic Moments Staff!


Dedicated to helping your equine education be a safe, fun, and professional experience!









Ms. Alyssa Hamman

Assistant Trainer/ Instructor


Alyssa Joined the MMS Team in May 2015. She comes to us from New York where she has been a rider for many years. Recently she Graduated from College with a degree in Equine Management. We are excited to have her on the team and welcome her to Texas! In 2016 Alyssa Showed MMS's Uforic Storm MM to a Regional Championship Win in Half-Arabian Sport Horse Mares in-Hand Open. Way to Go Alyssa!!!







Mrs. Vicky De Hauwere

AssistantTrainer/ Instructor/ Schedule Keeper


Vicky Joins MMS from Europe. She has an extensive background in Dressage. Vicky has experience riding some of the larger warmblood breeds along with really enjoys working with Arabians and Half-Arabians. Vicky Showed MMS's Petula this year to a Regional Championship win in 2nd Level Dressage Open.









Ms. Cassie Goyer

Assistant Instructor/ Trainer


Cassie is a graduate of    . She is joining the MMS team right out of college after obtaining her Bachler's Degree. We are very excited to have Cassie on her team and are looking forward to a long term relationship with her.









Mrs. Kathy Warmus

AssistantTrainer/ Instructor


Kathy joined the MMS team in the spring of 2016. She has an extensive background in Dressage and with Arabians. Kathy has made working with people and horses her life long Career. She is a great instructor and trainer. The horses she works with are happy and always looking to say "Yes" to her requests. He students mirror the same desire to continue their learning.














Cody Siebert

Clinics in Dressage

Cody has worn many hats (and helmets!) over her 35 years of experience coaching many riding disciplines including Dressage, Western, and Endurance Riding. She believes that great teams of horses and riders encompass all riding disciplines.


Cody loves working with most all breeds of horses, and brings a wealth of knowledge acquired from working with many accomplished riding masters, some of whom were Olympians & International Champions. She has successfully coached competitive riders and their horses to improved performance, and has also worked with horses and riders requiring rehabilitation.


Her clients appreciate her deep understanding of the technical aspects of this very athletic sport. Her professional experience contributes to her intelligent and precise communication skills, qualities much appreciated by her students.


Pro-Coaching & Riding Instruction/Lessons

We are a team of life-long horsemen who are constantly learning new things to benefit our riders & their horses. Our superior horsemanship skills - not egos - are the key to safe successful Sport Horse activities. Our teaching style provides students & their horses with the knowledge they need to figure things out together.


Dressage: “Training” The continuous pursuit of excellence


In addition to coaching many students in the sport of Dressage, Cody Siebert is a committed and passionate award-winning rider. She currently competes in Local, Regional & International competitions.