Houston’s Finest Riding School For All Ages

Magic Moments Stable offers an excellent program for all levels of riders from beginners riding school horses to advanced riders wanting to compete in English or Western events in horse shows locally or around the country.


Magic Moments Stable is a facility dedicated to providing riding lessons that teach you the skills of riding and more importantly great life lessons such as confidence, compassion, patience, and goal-oriented solutions. While our lessons are focused on the perfecting of the skills that athe students are learning, our instructors make sure the student is having fun as well. For young people and adults, being involved in riding horses is unlike any other activity or sport. We emphasize a solid foundation of basics from a dressage background, proper horsemanship, sportsmanship, team-work, positive attitude, and responsibility. In addition, we provide a professional, fun, and relaxed environment, where genuine friendships are cherished and memories are made.



We suggest that all riders start out with some English to develop better balance and the use of their body (aids) while on the horses. Then after riding for a while, if they want to try or switch to western, we can make that switch. We start all of our riders with 1 hour private lessons. This way they have the one on one attention that they need to have their experience level grow quickly. In that one hour lesson, the student is taught to groom, tack up the horse, ride, untack the horse, and put the horse back in their stall. We like for all of our riders to have the full horsemanship experience and also to gain the skills that they need so that they can become self-sufficient in the barn and be able to tack etc. on their own. After the instructors are completely comfortable with their ability on the ground work, they can then shift to a 45 or 30 min private lesson to allow them meet with the instructor at the start of the riding portion of the lesson instead of the instructor needing to be present while they are tacking and untacking.



We provide the horse and the tack and a helmet for the first couple of rides, but suggest that you get your own helmet. Boots and jeans or riding pants are required.


We look forward to seeing you at the barn.


If you would like to meet us prior to booking a lesson, we  also do tours of the barn. You are welcome to come out, meet the staff and some of our horses.



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Mommy & Me


Team MMS believes in sharing the riding and horse experience with even the youngest of students. The Mommy (or Daddy) and Me program is for a parent and student who is 3-5 years old. This lesson program consists of a series of 45 min lessons. The lessons are booked in blocks of 4 and can be continued throughout the school year months. There are two tracks of lessons in this program.


Track 1- The parent and student participate in the grooming and tacking and then riding of the horse. The instructor then untacks the horse after the lesson and puts the horse away.


Track 2- The parent and student arrive to a horse that is tacked up and ready to ride and have activities on the horse. The instructor will also put the horse away after the lesson is over.


The actual riding/ activity time with the horse is about 20 min. The whole time at the barn with both tracks is about 35 min. These time frames are adjusted appropriately according to the student interaction with the horse and instructor.


The package price for the 4 lessons is $ 260.00



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